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The Bache-Martin School

As we turn onto 22nd Street from Parrish, we see a brick building across the street. This federal style structure is part of the Bache Martin Elementary School.

Completed in 1936, this building was originally the home of the William and Elizabeth Martin Orthopedic School. The building has a large gym and lunchroom, plus it has a central courtyard. It was a special school for children with orthopedic problems and later, for the deaf. Unfortunately, many residents of the neighborhood often referred to the school as "The Cripple".

Across the street is the Alexander Dallas Bache School. The two schools merged several years ago. The Martin School no longer is specialized but now serves as an annex for Bache. Together, the Bache-Martin School serves as a magnet school for the School District of Philadelphia. To find out more, visit the Bache-Martin School Website.

Dr. Alexander Dallas Bache was a grandson of Benjamin Franklin and at one time president of The University of Pennsylvania. He was also the first principal of Philadelphia's Central High School.

Since we've ended up here at the intersection of 22nd and Brown Streets, look across at the new park created on the grounds of the Eastern State Penitentiary. The principal of the Bache-Martin School along with the residents of the area decided that the lot could be used as a park and play area for the school children. There is another large area of ground on the Corinthian Avenue side of the prison, and the residents of that street were working on a park of their own. The two projects were combined and the park has been named the Eastern State Penitentiary Park. The park is maintained by the Friends of Eastern State Penitentiary Park.

The 700 block of 22nd street is were the neighborhood's annual Flag Festival is held.

We are going to head west on Brown Street and skip on over to 24th Street.
See you at Saint Hedwig's Church.

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