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Girard College

[Girard College's Founder's Hall]

Stephen Girard, a wealthy Philadelphian merchant and shipbuilder, bequeathed the school for orphaned boys to the city.

Designed by Thomas Walter and built between 1833 and 1847, the main building of the school is its Parthenon-like Founder's Hall. The building is sometimes open to the public and contains the entombed body of Stephen Girard and several artifacts belonging to the Girard estate. Corinthian Avenue, the road that runs from the front gates of the school south to Fairmount Avenue, was named for the columns that majestically rise all around the edifice.

The E. M. Skinner Organ located in the Chapel of the school is very famous among pipe organ enthusiasts.

[Photo of Girard College Building] Although the wall that surrounds the campus prevents people seeing most of the buildings, you can glimpse some of the structures here through the front gates.

Visit the school's Website.
Learn more about Stephen Girard.

We're going to walk south on Corinthian Avenue to Poplar Street, and then turn right on Poplar. We'll end up at the intersection of 21st and Poplar Streets.

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