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Saint Hedwig Church

Saint Hedwig Church Building In 1909, the Polish community here in Fairmount created the parish of Saint Hedwig. The original church and school were located at 22nd and the Parkway, where Park Towne Place now stands. The buildings here at 24th and Brown Streets were built on the site of the old Penn Cinema Theater. There is a rumor of an underground tunnel and storage room where beer from the local brewery was stored.

Like St. Nick's, St. Hedwig's school is no longer open. But the church is still very active, and the school auditorium serves as a meeting place for the neighborhood association. One of the most beautiful contributions of this parish is the daily bell recital. Every noon, the sound of church bells fills the neighborhood with peaceful, melodic song.

As we move through the "heart of Fairmount", let's walk south on 24th Street toward Aspen Street. We are headed for the Ward Memorial Park.

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