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The Philadelphia Nursing Home

[Photo of The Phila. Nursing Home] Originally, this was Lankenau Hospital (originally German Hospital, one of the few hospitals still in exsitance since the Civil War). Lankenau moved out to the Main Line (Wynnewood) in 1953. This building then became the Henry R. Landis State Hospital, and in the 1980's, it became the Philadelphia Nursing Home.

South College Ave. is the southern border of Girard College. It is lined on either side by two massive stone walls, the one on the south side surrounds the nursing home, and the northern wall borders Girard College. The Route 15 trolley passed through here on its way to West Philly or east to Port Richmond. Today, the trolley has been replaced by a bus, but you can still make out the words "Car Stop" painted on the black poles lining the street. (Occasionally, a trolley will still pass this way.)

Let's take a look at Girard College just across the street.

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