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Pennsylvania Avenue

[Photo of PA Avenue]

As we walk along Pennsylvania Avenue from 25th Street towards 26th and 27th, notice the apartment buildings that line the north side of the street. The Philadelphian between 24th and 25th and 2601 Parkway just across the street were two of the first apartment buildings in the city (and of course, there's The Parkway House way down the street between 22nd and 23rd). During the late 1930's and early 1940's, apartment dwelling became popular. It seems to have started in the Rittenhouse Square area of the city, but it was very expensive there. So these buildings were constructed to provide flats for those who wanted to pay a little less.

With Fairmount Park just across the street, these apartments (condos today) have terrific views.

[Play Area] A small play area was created here in the 1980's for the neighborhood children. Unfortunately, the neighborhood doesn't have any other playgrounds. It may be that the city feels our proximity to Fairmount Park lessens the need for recreational areas.

[Railroad Tracks] Here at 27th Street, you can see where the railroad tract exits the underground tunnel and heads up toward the Northwest.

Let's head over toward the bridge at 29th Street.

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