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Von Colln Park and Playground

While not located in Fairmount proper, Von Colln park and playground is perhaps frequented by more Fairmount residents than by residents of any other part of the city. In fact, the Fairmount Sports Association calls these fields home during the baseball, softball, and T-ball seasons.

While many people visit the park, not so many know the origin of its name:

Sgt. Von CollnSergeant Frank R. Von Colln, 43, was a member of the Fairmount Park Police Department. On Saturday, August 29, 1970, he was assassinated while talking on the phone in the in Cobbs Creek guard house at 63rd and Catherine Streets. He was shot five times and killed by a members of a radical racist group known as the Revolutionaries. Sergeant Von Colln had just dispatched two of his officers to investigate the wounding of another officer who had been shot by members of the same group. The assassins targeted the Cobbs Creek guard house because of its remote location. Two other officers were shot and wounded within the same 24-hour period. The suspects were all eventually apprehended.

It's nice to know that as we enjoy ourselves at the park and playground, Officer Von Colln is on duty, keeping watch over us.

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