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The Fairmount Flag Festival

The Fairmount Flag Festival is an annual event usually held on the weekend near June 14 (Flag Day). Sponsored by the Fairmount Civic Association, the festival kicks off the summer season for Philadelphia's Art Museum Area and pays tribute to Old Glory. This giant block party takes place on the western side of the famous Eastern State Penitentiary (the 700 block of North Twenty-Second Street).

The main features of the Flag Festival are a large flea market and the entertainment. The flea market covers almost the entire block and includes a white elephant sale. Many Fairmount residents are out selling various odds and ends that may be of great value.
The entertainment includes an art show, children's games and a pie eating contest. Several people from the area also sing, dance, and recite poetry.

There is also a bake sale and a Grand Raffle. The prizes for the raffle include free dinners at local restaurants.


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