The Neighborhood of Fairmount
Philadelphia's Art Museum Area

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Photo Tour

Museum of Art

Welcome to the Virtual Walking Tour of the neighborhood of Fairmount. We'll be visiting several of the landmarks of Philadelphia's Art Museum area. For those of you who live in or have visited the neighborhood, we hope to bring back some memories. For newcomers, we hope to give you a feel for the area -- maybe talk you in to visiting.

Footsteps We're starting here at the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Some of you may recognize these steps from the Rocky movies. If you remember the movies, they erected a statue of Rocky up here. The city wanted to leave the sculpture here, but the Art Museum didn't really like having a movie prop here, so the city moved the statue to the Spectrum, the sports arena in South Philly. However, if you look a few feet back from the steps, you'll see Rocky's footprints in the cement - a small concession on part of the Museum.


There's a great view of Center City from up here, isn't there. Down there, where the statue of George Washington stands, is Eakins Oval, named after the famous Philadelphia painter. And beyond that is the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

This tour of Fairmount is beginning at the top of this hill because this is Faire Mount. The neighborhood was named after this hill. You can find out more about the hill on the Neighborhood History pages.

You may decide to leave the tour and just wander around the neighborhood on your own. We don't mind. At each site, you'll be given the chance to return here and pick a new area to visit.

Well, now that we're all here, let's walk down the steps and turn left. Walk around the Museum until you see the statue of Joan of Arc.

See the Art Museum Area from Space!

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